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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I’m glad Halloween fell on a Saturday this year.  That’s because John just started his new job and he has been training in Torrance in the LA area all week long.  He’s only home for the weekend, and will be in Torrance training for two more weeks.  If Halloween had fallen any other day of the week, John would have missed out on the festivities.

Our church had a small fall festival, so we decided to take the boys to that.  Micah wanted to be Spiderman again this year, and we had a spider costume for Caleb that a friend had given us, so it worked out perfectly.  If you know me, you know that I love it when it works out that the boys are coordinating.  It doesn’t work out often, but I take advantage of it when it does.  So that’s how we got Spiderman and his spider.


We got to church just as my sister-in-law and our nieces arrived.  Madison was Sharpay from High School Musical and Taylor was a leopard.  Group picture time!


There was a bouncy house and quite a few games.  There was a cake walk and face painting.  The boys loved the bouncy house and all of the games.  The boys ended up leaving with a TON of candy. 

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Micah, John and I all got our faces painted.  I’m surprised that Micah sat still long enough to get his face painted.  And I was a guinea pig for one of our youth who hadn’t painted faces before.  But she did a great job, and she also painted John’s tiger face.

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We also decided to take the boys trick or treating for the first time.  There is a really nice subdivision where a few of my bunco friends live, so I thought that would be a nice area to take them trick or treating.  Our nieces also went trick or treating with us.


The boys were super excited to go trick or treating.  All day long, they were practicing saying, “trick or treat.” 


This house was our last stop for the night.  It was getting cold, even though we had dressed the boys in warm clothes underneath their costumes.  Everyone had  a great time. 

Oh!  I just remembered a funny story about Micah’s costume.  We had gotten him another Spiderman costume because last year’s costume was a little snug.  His costume came with muscles sewn into the fabric.  When we tried it on, Micah asked me, “Are these boobies?”  He was pointing out the pectoral muscles.  It was too funny!  After we contained our laughter, (Micah doesn’t like to be laughed at) we told him that those were his Spiderman muscles.