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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Jesus

We went to a Happy Birthday Jesus party at church a few nights ago. We had a good time, and I must say that all 3 of my boys looked pretty handsome.

Micah had a great time at the party. A couple from our church showed all the kids some hand motions, and then told the kids the Christmas story using those hand motions. I was pretty proud of Micah because he was able to do the hand motions...at least until he decided it was more fun to jump off the stage and run over to me. Kids will be kids, I guess.


The Bowers Family said...

Hey I think Caleb looks like your Dad a little bit. Have you compared baby pictures?

Lisa Peppers said...

I am so bummed we had to miss this! With katie and Laura sick though, I didn't want to expose anyone else! Looks like you all had fun!